Meet Our Team

Jeff Edwards

Owner & Manager


Jeff Edwards began working in the medical field in 1985, as a First Responder / Emergency Medical Technicial (EMT). Through advanced training, he became an Paramedic who also became certified to teach and train others in CPR, water safety, lifeguarding, and advanced cardiac care. Jeff received his Bachelor Degree of Science – Health, with a minor in Community Health and Counseling from the University of North Florida. After returning to school, he became a Nationally Certified Physician Assistant. Jeff worked as a Physician Assistant for more than 20 years providing medical care in several of his local community Emergency Departments, Urgent Care Centers as well as provide care in Geriatric Care, Worker’s Compensation, Employee Health, and Occupational Medicine.

He has lived in Jacksonville, Florida since 1983.

Jeff has partnered with the Residential Assisted Living Academy with Gene Guarino in 2019 and has completed training as a Residential Assisted Living Specialist.

Carl Edwards

Owner & Manager


Carl Edwards spent ten years as a First Responder and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with his local fire department. He gained his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Florida in Communications with a minor in Psychology.

Having worked across three decades with various banking institutions, Carl built long lasting relationships among his team, his peers, and within his community. With his background, he has helped built a team of like-minded individuals compassionate for our aging population.

Carl’s focus is on the growing population of Elderly Care. Seeing the aging of their own parents and the need for senior assistance, Carl and Jeff ( “The Twins”) see a great need for helping the “Baby Boomers” and giving them a place with dignity, love, and care. They are looking to invest their time and effort in this rapidly growing population in this country. Therefore, they have joined forces with the Residential Assisted Living Academy with Gene Guarino in 2019, earning the Residential Assisted Living Specialist designation opening their first home, Serendipity In The Sun in July 2020.

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